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Sunday, January 2, 2011

took down the tree

today and it is amazing how good that felt. Though it was a lot of work, my house just seems so bare and that to me makes it feel clean. I did do a lot of cleaning today as well. Bill took the girls to my sister's house during the Steeler's game and I took advantage of getting my house into some kind of order. Tomorrow is the big day. School begins again which really makes my heart ache. It is so hard for me to get back in the swing of things and I am going to miss Mya so very much! At least it is a short week and she wont have to go on Friday. Tomorrow is also the day that I begin the new me. Goodbye fat hello MILF~ that is what I am talking about. Treadmill and slim fast. I am going to warn you all now, that I will be a bigger bitch dieting then I am when I am on my period. Just putting that out there. It is your choice if you care to be around me during this difficult time!

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I am a girl: Mom, Sister, Daughter, friend, Aunt and Wife. I like to eat (which has made me FAT) I love to start blogs and never continue them. Will this be the one I stick to? This blog will be about everything and nothing...duh, that is what the title says.

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