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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I did so good for so long and I thought that meant that I could be strong enough to make my kids a yummy snack. I made them Chocolate popcorn. A WEEK BEFORE MY PERIOD IS TO COME! What the hell was I thinking? I went over on my calories and tomorrow I am supposed to weigh in. STUPID ASS MOVE~
Here is a before and so far picture of me. The first one is around the beginning of January and then the other is from yesterday. WHAT A FREAKING DIFFERENCE

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I am a girl: Mom, Sister, Daughter, friend, Aunt and Wife. I like to eat (which has made me FAT) I love to start blogs and never continue them. Will this be the one I stick to? This blog will be about everything and nothing...duh, that is what the title says.

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