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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


today I had the MUNCHIES~  I made the girls Fried French Fries and chicken nuggets and I could not keep my hands off of the french fries.  I was going to go over on calories tonight, but the BFF talked me into my senses.  I so need that girl in my life.  I really was in a I DON'T give a shit kinda mood, but she reminded me that come Monday when the scales not saying good things that I only would have myself to blame.  I love that girl!
It really sucks that some days this comes so easy and other days I just want to give in to every temptation.  I guess I will just have these struggles for the rest of my life so I will have to get used to it. 

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I am a girl: Mom, Sister, Daughter, friend, Aunt and Wife. I like to eat (which has made me FAT) I love to start blogs and never continue them. Will this be the one I stick to? This blog will be about everything and nothing...duh, that is what the title says.

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