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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

spit it out

So today I made pretty little sugar cookies that are for tomorrow.  I also stuck one in my mouth, chewed it, and then spit it back out.  LMAO.  I was desperate, I wanted to taste it.  I liked it, but then felt super guilty that I had done that.  It was really good though.
I also think they are pretty freaking cute.  Now I am trying to get creative because they leprechauns have to come trash my house tonight.  We are not IRISH, but I thought this would be super fun for the girls to be able to do.  We made a trap to try to catch those sneaky little guys.  I colored the milk green, I toilet papered the inside of the house a little.  (cant be wasting to much TP.  that stuff is way to expensive)  I moved their toothbrushes and toothpaste, I moved all the snack food into the livingroom, before they wake up in the morning I plan to make the toilet water Green,  and I am not sure what else I am going to do, but I hope it is enough to get the girls laughing their butts off in the morning.

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