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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hell yeah~ That is what I walked/jogged today in just a little over an hour! Talk about feeling accomplished. I have been busting my ass this week and I hope that it shows on the scale Monday, but even if it doesn't...I cannot get discouraged because I know I have been working hard and eating my calorie allowance and my clothes are a lot less snug. I actually think I feel thinner to. I cannot wait until the end of March because I should be in the 130's. I have worked so hard!~

damn FAIL~

As I was working out today, it hit me that I forgot to post yesterday. SHIT~ I don't know how I let this happen. I am really disappointed that I did that because I was on such a streak. So I am making it up today. Not that it matters because nobody reads this blog anyway. Okay so that is a lie BFF reads it, but that is all. THANKS BFF!
I walked 4 miles outside in the beautiful weather. It is so crazy how fast your stamina comes back. Just a month ago walking a mile about killed me and now I can walk 3 times that. I was so proud of myself~

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