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Sunday, February 20, 2011

busy day

today has been crazy busy. I needed to go pick up a cake to celebrate my daughters birthday/nephews birthday, but my neighbor called and was having issues with her computer and her oldest needed to do college homework. So I went and fixed that quickly and then picked up the cake. Came home and had a party and had to fix 4 ipods to do facetime and text and set up emails. Then had to go back to my neighbors to finish working on the computer fixing problem. I think for today I might have actually had more computers then I like to have to deal with. At least it made me feel smart for a day.
I am also a little annoyed with myself. I only lost like 8 ounces this past week after working so hard and by accident I ate 40 calories over my allowed amount today because I forgot to track a snack. DAMN. It is crazy how that little amount of going over is enough to piss me off these days. I guess in a way getting mad about it is a good thing. That way I am not still making up excuses and staying fat because of them. Back to being better tomorrow. I will not be staying in the 140's.

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