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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


has been falling off and on since yesterday and is to continue until mid day tomorrow. I think the kids will not have school and that is fine by me. The first time I went out to shovel today I forgot to wear my heart rate monitor and that really sucks. I always wondered how many calories you really burn cleaning up snow and ice. The 2nd time I went out, I did wear it and I burned 156 calories in 24 minutes. Every time I would log my exercise on myfitness pal, I had a hard time believing that I actually burned that many calories shoveling. I don't know how I never knew of these HRM watches, but as long as I am working out, I WILL HAVE ONE! I think it is a must when your a calorie tracker like myself. Also since having my watch I realize that my high heart rate that I used to still high. That is concerning me enough to know that I HAVE TO KEEP losing this weight. I cannot make excuse I am far to young to be having a heart attack or stroke. I need to get healthy so that I am here for my girls. I also have managed to not step on my scale at night for the last 2 nights. It's been hard, but it just doesn't make sense to step on a scale at the very end of a day. After eating and drinking. Why would I weigh less at night? Sometimes I am just a DORK!

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