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Sunday, March 6, 2011


I meant to blog last night, but totally forgot. Bill, the kids and I went roller skating last night with a bunch of friends. I stayed off of the skates because I didn't think I could control my daughter's feet and mine at the same time. Laken(4) caught on pretty quickly. She couldn't get the full on skate, but she got around great. Mya (7)on the other hand has 2 left feet. She did get better towards the end though. Bill just cracks me the fuck up. By the end of the night, I think Bill was back in his groove from 30 years ago. He was getting the crossovers in his feet, leaning into his turns, and skating backwards. The only thing missing was a mullet(as said by one friend) and bell bottom pants. I laughed so hard. I have one video that I have watched probably 25 times and each time I watch it I laugh so hard. Now I have to worry because all of my friends are saying they are getting me in skates the next time. Since I made fun of Bill so bad, I could be in for some trouble. LOL~

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