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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I took the walk

outside today. It was freezing cold and by the time I was getting close to being done, it started to rain. The ground was such a sloppy mess and in spots very slippy! I thought I was going to be able to go down this one road we have around here and it would be 3 miles the whole way down and back, but I was way off! It was only about 2 miles down and back. I ended up doing a total of 3 miles today though. Funny how different 3 miles feels outside compared to a treadmill. The almighty Ipod came in handy for sure today. Then my friend Jodi has been begging me to go check out Zumba. She does it and loves it, but I am always to shy to go to these kinds of things. I also was afraid I wouldn't be coordinated enough. After giving it some thought, I decided to go watch a class. I could not believe how much fun it looked and how welcoming the people were. I think I just may go to a class every now and then. It will be hard for me to do it a lot. Being a stay at home mom, I won't get much of a chance to go or have money to do it all the time. I do want to go and try it sometime. I will be proud of myself when I do go because I have a hard time with self esteem and always worry about what others will think of me. Oh and I was under my calorie goal again today. When I logged my calories it said if I ate every day the way I did today in 5 weeks I will be 147 I think. I hope that is an accurate number :)


  1. I don't think you have any clue how proud I am of you! You are making so much progress. The old Kristie I know would never in a million years walk outside in those weather conditions. You are doing it! And yes, you might not see a drastic difference right now, but you will. You have to keep that in mind. Seriously though, I am SO proud of you!
    And I am so happy to hear that you are going to give zumba a try. I think you are going to love it. Do you know what this post sounds like to me? You are coming out of your shell girlfriend! xoxo

  2. If I come out of my shell it is because you have given me so much encouragement. Thank you for being by my side and giving me the a push when I need it.


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