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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the last 2 days

I have stuck to my calorie allowance, but I have had one hell of a time working out. Yesterday, I took the day off and today I forced myself to do it! I wanted to quit the entire time, so I texted my bff and she helped me through the horrible time I was having!
Here is the conversation just to show how much of a complainer I am

Me:I'm on the stupid thing
bff:then she said something she may not want reapeated
bff: :)
me: this is Stupid
bff: :(
me:I hate it
bff:but the results wont be :)
me: I hope
Hate it
bff: Don't hate it. Hate the food you put in your mouth. It's the foods fault we are fat.
Me:it's my mouth fault. Stupid fucking thing
bff:Mine too
me:.25 miles
me: 36 more minutes
waits a while
Bff: How are ya?
Me: effin stupid
bff:I know your stupid
me:I'm having a hard time
bff: with what?
Me:doing it
my calves are hurting bad
1 mile
bff:You can do it!!!!
me:I am! It might take me longer today
127 calories
bff: U r doing it!!!
me:thanks to u
bff:want me to call?
or face chat?
me:oh I cat talk
not sure if I could hear on face chat
Bff: Mmmmmm I like cats
me:lol, this is helping me lots
me: I swear I smell food cooking
bff:did you fart?
thats the food you smell
me:bwahahaha, thats effin funny
this is just a piece of my whiny ass! I sure hope I get more into this by the end of the week.

picture of the day: ITS BLOODY COLD

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