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Monday, January 10, 2011

very excited to say

That it has been six days since I began the dieting and exercise and I am down 6 pounds and some ounces.!!!! The exercising has been the hardest for me to stick to. I have such a hard time staying motivated, but I have pushed myself so hard. I really, really hope that next week I am back into the 150's. After all, that is only 2 pounds away. I think it is possible. I do have to admit that today as I made my coffee with the carefully measured out creamer of 2 tablespoons; that I licked that spoon clean of all creamer stuck to it. Sadly if there was a fly on the wall watching, it probably looked as though I was performing a sex act of sorts. It almost was as satisfying as sex to~ oh...and on another note...I think this is my 19th post. Might actually just be a record! Maybe this will be MY year!

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