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Monday, January 3, 2011

Cranky McCrankerson

what is that disgustingly high ass number you ask? Well sadly, it is my current weight. How in the world did I let myself become this size? I am considered obese! Today I am beginning to work on that though. I did the treadmill and burned off 179 calories, which is way lower of a number then I should have done, but I am working slowly. Eventually I will be burning at least 300 calories a day. Oh and I am watching my calorie intake which I am sure is about 2,349,903,453,464,546 X's less then what I have been eating. So this girl is a CRAB today. I did take some before pictures so that at some point I can see my progress, but at this point there is no way in HELL I will show them to anyone. Many props to the contestants on THE BIGGEST LOSER who do not get the choice of not showing their bodies at first. I am not sure I could be as brave or even emotionally handle all the hard work they are forced into. Even though they have fantastic results. I am so excited to see the start of a new season tomorrow. Maybe it will help to motivate me.

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