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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mya turned 7

I cannot believe that I had my first born 7 years ago. I am so blessed!! As much as she drives me nutty and as much as she becomes more smart mouthed as time goes by...I LOVE HER MORE THEN LIFE~ My mom worked really hard to make her cute Panda bear cupcakes so she could take them to school tomorrow. My mom is such a fantastic person. She stayed up past 2 am trying to finish these.

Are they not one of the cutest cupcakes you have ever seen before? They sure looked tasty, but I stayed true to myself and my diet. Tomorrow is my weekly weigh in and I don't want to be mad at myself or the scale. I have seen the 160's (almost 170's), 150's and I know it wont be tomorrow, but I can't wait to get into the 140's. I know that is a high number still, but it will get into the 130's!

Oh and I am sorry to all my die hard Steeler fan's~

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